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Sold Stuff Edition: In which $10 K is Half Priced

Last weekend's Detroit Free Press Real Estate section is atypically underwhelming. Even for them. There is an article on battery packs, and a listing for home in L.A. that they pulled from the L.A. Times. About as irrelevant as it gets, no? Was anyone going to fly out and see that on the red-eye? But lo-and-behold, the unillustrated section Sold in Wayne County alerts us to a member to induct to the Curbed $10 K Club at 16499 Tacoma St. People are buying at that price! This time in Regent Park out by 8 Mile. So did they get a deal? Looks like it if you believe Trulia. They are reporting that the average list price for similar homes for sale is $20,656. They guys got 791 square feet in a 1947 house.

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