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Face Off! AOL Real Estate Goes Shopping in Novi & Detroit

Many thanks to a helpful tipster who alerted us to the fact that AOL Real Estate took a liking to local offerings in the Most Popular Affordable Homes feature. In an interesting twist, they've chosen a foreclosed house in the Detroit suburb of Novi that looks like it could use an industrial strength weed whacker and a Magnificent Manor in Detroit which is looking rather stately. Detroit looking more polished than its neighbors for a change? Sweet! But what happens when we step inside these two?

? Detroit! In three words: yes yes yes! This is five bedrooms and five bathrooms in an elaborate Victorian for the jaw-droppingly low price of $199,000. That is 5,400 square feet of interior flourishes including hand-painted ceilings, hand-carved marble and hardwood floors. The alternative is not as hot.

? Suburb! Over in Novi you only get three bedrooms and three bathrooms for your $202,000. And a measly 2,700 square feet with nothing to speak of in the way of flourishes. In this city v. suburbs face-off this is clearly a big L-on-the-forehead house. That will teach you to mess with mansions, Novi!

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