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The David Whitney Building Teases Detroit with Party

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The David Whitney building has plenty of reasons to be cocky. This historic 19-floor skyscraper built by its lumber baron namesake was designed by Daniel Burnham, the famous Chicago architect. Completed in 1915, it boasts a secret amenity invisible from the outside: the interior courtyard is capped with a grand skylight that creates a soaring atrium to shine the light of day upon classically styled white terra cotta cladding. Pretty impressvie! However, the Whitney has been a sleeper for quite some time now; it remains boarded up and closed off but certainly not out of the news. Local developers at the Roxbury Group are working on a deal to restore the buidling into boutique hotel chain and residences. There were rumors of talks with the W Hotel chain but nothing has been announced yet. But that might just change next Friday October 21, at an event that will open the doors to the public. They're calling it the Next Big Thing. Subtle. But will they make an annoucement about the development? The event hosted by Model D is being positioned as a showcase of cool Detroit stuff. Model D claims that, "the next big thing is a million little things." Criptique. Also potentially disappointing for those of us hungry for some development already. Last time our brave editor was inside for a tour (in June) it was a bit ramshackle so at the least, this might mean it has been dusted off. But maybe avoid white pants if you go.

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