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Royal Oak Roundup: An Affordable Four Face Off

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Curbed Detroit cannot resist a real estate round up. The Royal Oak Patch found four fairly similar houses on the market ranging from $124,000 up to $249,000. That seems like quite a spread for the same hood. Aren't two of those the same thing in different colors? Can you spot the $100 K price difference?

Did you think this would be the cheapest? Not so much. It is listed for $165,00 for three bedrooms and one bath. Which means there are cuter places for cheaper.

Here we have 1,000 square feet with three bedrooms and one bath for $125,000. Now that is more like it. Not crazy about baby blue? You can basically have the same thing in brown...

This one is the cheapest at $124,900 for 1,003 square feet. The catch is just two bedrooms instead of three. But if you ask us it is worth it not to be the color of a baby bonnet.

Which means this last one wins for breaking into the $200 K range. That would be an asking of $249,000. What you would be paying for here is a four bedrooms and two bathrooms and a bit of a boost in square footage: 1,694 total.

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