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Dan Gilbert: Games! Gambling! "Upscale Urban!"

Business owner and real estate mogul Dan Gilbert just wants to have fun. He had this basketball court installed in the 10th floor of the Compuware building downtown for employees of Rock Financial. What's the next game? A gamble! Gilbert and his team at Rock Gaming are interested in building a casino in Cleveland. Will this idea be imported to Detroit as part of what he is calling, the "Detroit 2.0" initiative? So far in Detroit he has purchased enough buildings to be the second largest property owner and has begun relocating 4,000 workers from the suburbs to downtown. That would be a lot of customers for Rock Gaming should that concept also be imported to Detroit. Here's the pitch on the Cleveland venture:

A high-style, up-scale "urban" casino that feeds on the character of a city and its attractions as much as on its slot machines will make them wildly successful and, in the process, revitalize rust belt cities. Leave to Gilbert to reposition slots as part of a feel-good urban movement. · Dan Gilbert's Rock Gaming partners bound by friendship, desire to build upscale 'urban' casinos []