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The Most Architecturally Seductive Money Pit in the City

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With just a few more days to go until Wayne County kicks off round two (Friday!) of the foreclosure auction, it is time to pre-shop. One curbed tipster has taken a liking to this Arden Parkproperty named Saint Rita but unfortunately won't be able to scoop it.

"I drive past it all the time on my way up Woodward. I'd love to own it and do something with it but I already bought one place to rehab in Woodbridge at the first auction and my wife won't let me have any more." Stymied by the wifey! So if you want to get down and dirty in this potential money pit get your $500 starting bid ready. Who knows where it goes from there. The assessment value listed is $64,755. The building managed to escape a tragic fate in 2008: it made a list of places to be demolished but it would seem the $178,648 price tag for that left it standing. · 35 Owen [Whydontweownthis]
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Saint Rita Apartments

35 Owen St. , Detroit, MI