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Auctioned Off! The Behemoth Handy-Man Special

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'Twas just last Thursday that we met 59 Seward St, the 205-unit apartment building that goes by the name of the Wellington Place/Plaza/Commons/Apartments. At the time, our contributor speculated that it could go for as low as $2.44 per unit in this week's tax auction. But 63 bids later, it went for more than $ 60 K instead which means those 205 units are $307 each. Ah yes. Still dirt cheap. But we're not expecting an opening any time in the next year for this big ol' fixer upper. Here's hoping these New Center apartments come back in a big way by 2013 and that the buyer (kathysmakino) is into retro bars for the retail space. We might just be able to take the light rail to the opening if it all works out.

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Wellington Place

59 Seward St, Detroit, MI 48202, Detroit, Michigan 48202