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Bidding Insanity! The Confusing Case of a $500 K Bid

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Jerry Paffendorf, the man behind whydontweownthis, the site that offers live coverage of this week's Wayne County foreclosure auction, wrote to Curbed in a tizzy last night. You see, the tax auction is all about buying property for next to nothing, hence the $500 starting bid. So you want to start low on these things. And for the most part people are. Except for at 15909 Hubbell St where someone placed a starting bid in the $500 K range. Says Jerry:

there's a little conversation going on about what might be happening here. an astute commenter points out that the auction ID for the house is 531462, or 1 "dollar" less than the bid.... we'll see what happens, whether it's a typo, an auction glitch, or someone making a statement. either which way, 15909 hubbell, props to you for going big." · 15909 Hubbell [whydontweownthis]