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Bidding Insanity: Buying Auction Properties In Bulk

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Ever been at the Dollar Store and thought, what the hell, give me that WHOLE SHELF! Such is the mentality that might apply to this round of the Wayne County Tax Auction's High Roller List. Right now, on this last day for bidding, the whydontweownthis leader board has 8 bidders (people? companies? pen names?) that are bidding on more than 100 properties. Here's what these high rollers are willing to drop on swathes of real estate.

d3lliott is bidding on 211 properties for a total of $125,393
ApexEquities is bidding on 203 for a total of $1,270,872
preciseassociates is bidding on 139 properties for a total of $440,687
kimstroud is bidding on 128 for a total of $140,356
bircted is bidding on 116 properties for a total of $75,539
BENJIGATES ESTATES is bidding on 105 for a total of $113,722
Bidderpro is bidding on 103 for a total of $197,278
redfordfundII is bidding on 102 properties for a total of $215,788

· Auction Leader Board [whydontweownthis]