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LAX Nightclub's Neighbors Want Its Liquor License Rejected

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A resident of the Kales Apartment building downtown forwarded a petition that residents are circulating. Earlier this week, we mentioned that Kales residents' old noisey foe, the LAX Nightclub, was aligning with their new noisey neighbor foe: the Occupy Detroit protesters. What's going on here? It's more than just the theory that the enemy-of-your-enemy is your friend. LAX does not have its own liquor license. It has operated by a bizarro loophole: by paying nonprofits to obtain one-day fundraising permits, which allow alcoholic beverages to be sold on the premises. Word is they want to throw a "fundraiser" for the Occupy Detroit folks. And this is where the petition comes in. Here are the lessons learned reading a little document called Liquor Control Commission: REJECT Club LAX Liquor License created by someone named Gabriel Saratoga.

At the moment, it would seem LAX has 262 petition signing enemies. What do they want? When do the want it? Quiet! Now!

The petition begins by explaining the apartment residents in Kales Building as well as the Fyfe Building are a hard-working, educated population who care about Detroit; both buildings are full and hopefuls are sitting on the wait list for months to get in. They feel that the prime location is a "first impression" for tourists to the city and they are focused on community values. And so these citizens are complaining about LAX for the following:

Upon its opening, and throughout the entire duration of its operation:

1. Noise from the patrons’ cars has been so loud that you can hear it from inside the adjacent buildings well past 2 a.m. Though Club LAX may insist that those cars do not belong to their patrons, the cars have mysteriously been absent every night the club was closed. They mysteriously returned every night the club was open,

2. The club itself has music so loud that dishes in the adjacent apartment complex would rattle from the vibration caused by the subwoofers,

3. The sidewalk on the north side of W. Adams was almost impassable to pedestrians because crowds were loitering after exiting the club,

4. Patrons have been publicly urinating on W. Adams

5. Fistfights have broken out in the street, and

6. Gunshots were fired on the corner of Parks and Adams after an argument ensued.

Pee, fistfights, and gunshots are likely to get just about anyone in trouble with the locals. Can it get any worse? One commenter that signed the petition says it has. She writes that Club LAX patrons carried open alcohol containers into the street and offered to sell cocaine. Yikes.

If you've been meaning to get on that Kales and Fyfe wait list, now might be the time. The sound of a booming subwoofer and an Occupy Detroit drum circle might just be the beat to which a wait list just got a lot shorter.

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