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Fab and Frightening: Interior Designers in Their Element

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Let it be known that the entire editorial staff of Curbed Detroit anxiously awaits the arrival of a new Hour Magazine with glee! And not just because they sometimes also pay the person on this masthead some freelancing dough. It's really all about the photos with this one, and the latest issue gives us a glossy interiors spread to delight over. Well, mostly. Patrick Thompson in his client's home office (above) managed to pull off a room that is mature without being stodgy. It is masculine and understated while still interesting.

This is designer Susan Winton-Feinberg's own living room. And as she explains: "Taste is timeless. I designed this room in 1970 and I love it as much today as when I did it. Old does not mean throw it out." Well alright then. Rarely is the design of such a fussy room completely over powered by application of a Bichon Frise and lipstick. We wonder what she could have done with a Great Dane and some glitter.

· Interior Designers in Their Element [Hour Magazine]