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Crimes Against Architecture: The Fine Arts Building

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Curbed Detroit is not the architecture police. But sometimes a citizens arrest is in need for crimes against architecture. In this case we are talking about the ongoing messy situation on West Adams Street downtown at the Fine Arts Building. Or what was a building. Now it is a facadomy: the sad scene of a demolished building with a severed facade left in tact. The Fine Arts building was designed by Louis Kamper and built in 1905. It's looked the way it does now since 2009. Perma-scaffolding?

Would it not have been better to just take out the whole thing? We want to know!

Poll results

And if anyone saw what happened to the building that used to be next to this, we'd like to know about that too. We're talking the slot right next to the Kales apartments.

Fine Arts Building Detroit

44 West Adams, Detroit, MI