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Pattern Disasters: Detroit City Apartment's 29th Floor Sky Club

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Yesterday we mentioned that the Detroit City Apartments were talking up some amenities. We popped downtown for a tour yesterday, in which the Sky Club on the 29th floor was intended as the grand finale selling point. And with those views it really should have been. But the wallpaper-carpet-upholstery combo formed a trifecta of distraction from which we could not recover. Not to mention the framed Emimen among the vines! All in all: its a rather hideous interior that completely misses an understanding of how to use patterns together.

From this angle, with the odd leafy paper farther away, its not so bad, save for the blue lights above the pool table.

But really the best Sky Club experience is turning your back on the room and gazing upon downtown Detroit.

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Detroit City Apartments

1431 Washington Blvd., Detroit, MI 48226