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Detroit's River Junk is in New York City, is now Art

Did you lose a car in the Detroit river? Well you might want to call a New York art gallery to see if they have it. Mathew Barney is an artist that went over-the-top in Detroit last October with an all-day performance for a hand-picked audience of around 200 of unknown (and likely insane) costs. As New York Magazine tells us:

Detroit was the perfect setting for this tale of woe and reincarnation, an economic and spiritual city of the dead and would-be rebirth. It also rained apocalyptically that day, and Barney’s performance included a freezing barge ride down the Detroit River, where the audience witnessed, among other things, a crane dredging up a 1967 Chrysler Imperial.

What's resulted now on the gallery scene in New York are new enormous sculptures made of Detroit material. One which even has molten iron with mixed-in parts of the Chrysler. Finally, someone found a way for New Yorkers to appreciate the remains of Detroit without ruin porn. · Imported From Detroit [New York Magazine]