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Sneaking a Peak at Signal-Return: Facelift, Rendering, More!

The print shop coming to Eastern Market, Signal-Return, has had a dramatic last few days. It lost its clunky metal awnings and gained some big glass windows. The design is the work of M1/DTW; Design Director Christian Unverzagt explains to Curbed via email:

"The facade is intended to provide a well-lit workshop for the letterpress artists, along with a place to show off their work. The fact that you'll be able to see what's going on from outside, especially in the late afternoon and evening, is a bonus. The staggered pattern is just the result of adding some operable windows up high to allow the fresh air in."

Project Manager Ryan Schirmang hooked up Curbed Detroit with more project details but won't release the opening date yet. He explained that his team removed four sections of the old facade, saving the original hand-painted glass which will be cleaned up and displayed. To get the old parts down, the glass contractors hitched up a tow strap to the taller bays and pulled down the old facade sections with a truck. [Notes Ryan: Yes, like a bunch of rednecks.] On the upper portion of the building, three men pried loose the plywood panels and old wood frames. The salvaged plywood panels will be donated to use for a display.

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Signal Return

1345 Division, Detroit, MI 48207