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Lemonade Detroit Releases 17 Minute Short Film

"Lemonade: Detroit" - 17-minute short. from Erik Proulx on Vimeo.

If you were at the Future Midwest conference last spring, you may have already seen a 15-minute version of the upcoming film Lemonade Detroit by Erik Proulx, but for the rest of us, a 17-minute version just became public online for the first time today! The short stars local celebrities like Toby Barlow (the author and Team Detroit ad man) and Claire Nelson (former Bureau of Urban Living store owner and now the Publisher of Model D). As Proulx explained to MLive, this is a positive-outlook sort of viewing, "I want to sensationalize hope. I don't want to sensationalize the blight and the ruins."

· Lemonade Detroit [Vimeo]
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