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Blogger Office Envy: Sweet Juniper's Is Better Than Ours

Yesterday, we spent the first day working in the new office at Curbed Detroit HQ in Corktown. And having installed a desk and a couch, we were pretty proud of ourselves. Granted, out neighbors at LOVELAND Technologies have an awesome mural and our other neighbors at Huffington Post Detroit have plants, but we can totally nap in the office and they can't. So smug satisfaction set it. Then we ran across a post from a while back on Design*Sponge, which shows the desk of Layette Park's resident blogger, Jim Griffioen, the man behind Sweet Juniper. (aka: a yuppy raising kids in the most dangerous city in America) To be perfectly clear: this home office is prettier than ours. And we rather dig offices with dogs. So in this round it is Lafayette Park blogger: 1 and Corktown blogger: 0. But we're working on it... does anyone have a connection to Herman Miller?

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