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More Thoughts On the Cranbrook Art Museum Expansion

"It's a masterful job that the master himself would have admired." --John Gallagher for the Detroit Free Press.

"The Cranbrook Museum — and really, the entire Cranbrook campus — is perhaps the best example of Eliel Saarinen's Scandinavian, romantic take on modernism. The Museum building is symmetrical, has big steps and big columns, just like the neoclassical museums, but is stripped of all the fat and Greek ornament. It is wonderful that it is open again, and even more wonderful that the new exhibition shows off the work of the tens of famous and not-so-famous modern designers trained at Cranbrook. Many, many design roads lead back there." -Saarinen Expert and Architecture Critic Alexandra Lange to CurbedWire staff.

“The phrase I’ve been using is we’re trying to make visible what is normally invisible within the museum,” -museum director Gregory Wittkopp to the Washington Post.

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Cranbrook Art Museum

39221 Woodward Ave, Bloomfield, MI 48303