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Mies Van Der Rohe's Modernist Neighborhood Launches Website to Celebrate Design

Lafayette Park, the neighborhood of full of coops designed by famous mid-century modernist Architect Mies Van Der Rohe, launched a new website today to celebrate all things about its design, past and present. Of interest to those hoping to move in will be the real estate tab with links to coop townhomes for sale; Renters will be referred to The Pavilion and Lafayette Towers, also designed by Mies. Do note that man-about-town Joe Posch once famously slammed Lafayette Towers for design crimes committed against Mies by the management, making The Pavilion the better option for the more strict modernist. There are several other coops and rental buildings in the area without famous designers that would allow you to enjoy the neighborhood's spectacular parks and proximity to Eastern Market.

Architect and coop resident Christian Unverzagt explains when he and his wife moved to Lafayette Park in 2003, there was nothing about it on the internet. The point of this new site is to capture everything there is now in one place. "People who are interested can learn more about the important role that design plays within our community and the role our community plays within the city. We think if will be of interest to a wide range of people, from architecture and planning students, archi-tourists, and hopefully some future residents too!" And if all this is not enough Lafayette Park for you, a book is in the works.

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