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Previewing Ooties, The Next Local Breakfast/Lunch Venture

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Photographs by Matt Elliott.

Hamtamck's upcoming breakfast and lunch restaurant, Ooties, that was announced last June is shaping up to be one of the more lovely storefronts in the two-square-mile city. Owner Torya Blanchard (the woman behind Good Girls Go To Paris Crepes), isn't ready to announce an opening date just yet, but has had signage installed (look, a monkey!) as well as a giant mural. As she told Model D over the summer, "Ootie" is a pet name for a certain someone and she had a fondness for the now closed Salvador Deli which used to be in Hamtramck as well. Ooties is adjacent to Hamtramck Coney Island, which is also open for breakfast most days.

Update: This post previously stated that Torya was the owner of Ooties based on the article that ran in Model D. Toyra has informed Curbed Detroit that her uncle, Thomas Howell, is the owner and that she simply redecorated it.

· Torya Blanchard to open Ootie's in Hamtramck [Model D]


9737 Joseph Campau, Hamtramck, MI