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Our Favorite Clips From '"Detroit," Meet Detroit' by Toby Barlow

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In case you missed it, today Huffington Post Detroit ran an article by local celebrity Toby Barlow, the ad man, author, and Lafayette Park resident. It's about the Detroit metro area's identity as a region being about the real city of Detroit, and the need for suburbanites to embrace that fact. It's an excellent read all the way through, but if you are short on time, here are the best parts.

Who do you want to be? That guy hanging out at Starbucks sporting a Mark Fidrych t-shirt who has no idea where Cliff Bell's, Honest John's or the Russell Street Deli are (that last one's on Russell Street, by the way) or do you want to be really, actually, honestly, 100% from Detroit? I'm sure you've experienced something like this before, you're off on vacation or travelling out of town and you tell someone you're from whatever township you're from -- "Clawson" for instance -- and they'll say "Really, where's that?" And you say "Oh, near Detroit." And they will say "Detroit, man that is a scary place!" And you say, "No, no, well, yeah, but Clawson's different, really." And you smile politely and they smile politely but they also slowly edge away from you like you're kinda maybe scary too. Birmingham, instead of going to the damn mall and buying the same damn thing everyone else is going to buy, do your holiday shopping downtown and get some truly unique gifts at City Bird, Detroit Artist's Market, King's Books or even Henry the Hatter (sweet!) Well there you have it! There's no Huff Post Clawson for a reason. Happy Launch Day to Huffington Post Detroit!

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