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Comment of the Day

Thank you for this excellent, multi-media photo tour of Brush Park. Truly an epic undertaking and, I think, one of your best articles to date. Yet I couldn't help but feel a bit ill after reading it—especially after studying photo #44 in the series, the stunning 19th Century photo of the three Victorian masterpieces that once graced Edmund Place in the 1880's, which is simply heartbreaking (all three are now gone). This essay clearly amplifies the fact that the wonderful, brave preservationists/restorationists who are giving heart, soul and sweat (not to mention an endless river of cash) to save/restore these treasures are truly doing "God's work" and have nothing but my deepest admiration and gratitude—they are my heroes. Sincere thanks to them...and to CurbedDetroit for spotlighting their fine efforts. -Frank Lloyd Wrong [Brush Park's Romantic Victorian Ruins]