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Make Use of It: Only Two Weeks a Year to Argue Over Taxes

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This morning, we pondered why the property taxes on a foreclosed home's listing were so curiously high and what could be done about it. Property taxes in Detroit seem to follow no rhyme or reason, as illustrated by the disparity in these two Indian Village listings above. Buying the cheaper home means paying $3,739 more per year! Insane! So we called up Corktown's Ryan Cooley of O'Connor Real Estate to ask what an interested buyer can do about getting a bill from the city that seems more logical. As it turns out, interested buyers are out of luck. Only the current owner can fix the situation. Ryan tells us:

For Detroit, the city allows property owners to argue to lower their taxes from February 1st-15th each year. If you miss out on that window there’s not much you can do. There are also no guarantees that they will get lowered. It completely depends on the whim of the assessor that you are randomly assigned. I always tell buyers that they should only look at the possibility of lower taxes as a bonus instead of a given. If they aren’t comfortable with the current taxes then they probably shouldn’t buy the home. I really dislike when I have to have this conversation with a buyer. No kidding! Here is hoping that some motivated sellers wise up and free up some dates in early February for making their listings more appealing. In the meantime, let's all bug @mayordavebing about this two-week window deal. Twitter worked for ROBOCOP! · 2225 Seminole St [Century 21]
· 1427 Burns St [Century 21]