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Historic Detroit Yellow Pages Sign to Stay Put

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A while back, we told you that the famous Yellow Pages sign was going to be taken down by new owners of the Michigan Bell Telephone building, who are renovating it into apartments for the homeless. In mid-October, the sign ended up for public sale on The Auction Block with a minimum bid of $500. When local artist and sometimes accidental Curbed tipster Scott Hocking called in to see about buying it, he was informed that it would take about $30,000 to dismantle and preserve it. Must be quite the heavy lifting! The auction was originally set to close tomorrow, November 3, however preservation has thrown a wrench in the plans. According to Obi Moore at The Auction house, the sign was designated as historical landmark two weeks ago and the new building owners will keep it right where it is. The online auction drew 15 interested buyers but has been taken down. Says would-be interested buyer Hocking, "It is really a win because now more people will be able to enjoy it. But what would be even better would be to have it light up again." According to local legend, the sign has the ability to change colors in different weather conditions, possibly even acting as a weather predictor.

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Michigan Bell Telephone

882 Oakman Blvd , Detroit, MI