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Boat Magazine Picks Up on the Best in Detroit Real Estate

Finally! A magazine visits Detroit and avoids the train station in favor of talking to the most awesome local real estate agent available. We are so on this, Boat! Boat Magazine got to run around with Corktown-based real estate agent Ryan Cooley and reports back that his "passion for Detroit is pretty extraordinary." Ryan left Chicago eight years ago to return to his hometown and initially moved into an 800 square foot apartment that was in such a state that he and his wife, Meghan, had to screw in the front door at night. (You may know her as the person behind the upcoming Honor + Folly bed and breakfast.) Ah! Humble real estate beginnings! Curbed Detroit loves these tales. However, let's keep our expectations in check, when looking for that starter home. Ryan would like you all to know that the $100 Detroit house is a myth if you want something that won't need to be totally rebuilt.

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