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Midtown Detroit Eyes Ivy-Covered Church for Theater Project

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ArtPlace grants are to expand arts-based economic development in two dozen cities and towns across the nation, including Detroit. Midtown Detroit, Inc. (MDI) now owns this ivy-covered historic church building on E. Forest and plans to turn it into a boutique performing arts center. But that plan could still change. As the ArtPlace blog explains:

We are well aware that arts facilities are technically complex, expensive and time-consuming to build and maintain. Within the next few months, it is our goal to contract with a firm that has a range of experience who can help us determine whether our goals are even feasible for this space; and if not, then to help us refocus the vision for this promising arts space. Mmmm. Not exactly a declaration to divide and conquer, but they are, again, up against a lot of ivy. We'll stay turned to this one. The ArtPlace grants were announced in September, with $900,000 going to to Midtown Detroit Inc. (MDI), $350,000 to the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD) and $80,000 to TechTown at Wayne State University. · Sugar Hill Arts District [ArtplaceAmerica]
· Midtown Detroit Inc. wins ArtPlace Grant [UCCA]