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Corktown Can't Stop! More Development to Come

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For the last thirteen years, Joe Mifsud and his partner Bryan Brincat have owned most of the block along Michigan Avenue that runs from Trumball to 8th Street on the north side. When he originally bought along that corridor, Tigers stadium was just a block away. Currently, his ground floor tenants include the non-profit The Greening of Detroit, the gym True Body Fitness, Xcalibar Salon and Team Screen Printing. The second and third floors are rental apartments. But until earlier this year there was a pawn shop space on the corner of 8th that he did not own. Well not anymore. He's renovating the space so that it will become an Italian restaurant sometime next year. And while he has an experienced restaurant owner attached to the project, that detail is being kept quiet for now.

You may not know of Joe Mifsud yet, but likely in the next few years you will hear his name more and more. Corktown development is booming and his family has been involved in the area for more than 40 years (long before it was cool). Mifsud's parents owned the building on Michigan Ave that is currently the Onassis Coney Island; Mifsud now co-owns it with his brother and brother-in-law. Last week, we reported on the progress at Corktown's Mercury Burger Bar, another building that Mifsud owns with Bryan Brincat. He also bought and then sold the building that is now the Grinell Place Lofts in 2000, before it was converted to condos. Over lunch last week, he promised he's not done developing yet.

We're anxiously awaiting more details on that. In the meantime, the site across from Joe's upcoming Italian restaurant venture is the City Cab building that was bought in the auction, which could mean that block is headed for a major makeover soon.

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Corktown Italian Restaurant

Michigan Ave & 8th St , Detroit, MI 48226