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Scouting Skylit Spaces in Former Foundry at 2051 Rosa Parks

When we first told you about 2051 Rosa Parks, the building was about to embark on a long renovation. So, no surprise, it's not all spiffed up yet. [Ed note: yes, this is the address of Curbed HQ as well as the offices of the Huffington Post Detroit and LOVELAND Technologies] Nonetheless, with pieces of it stripped out, you can see the potential. And we look forward to a date when we can stroll downstairs to a party in this space on the other side of the building.

According to building owner Scott Griffin (who has a partner in this venture named Angel Gambino) the pictured space will be for events such as corporate parties, weddings, and photo shoots. It's 4000 square feet and could easily seat in excess of 200 people. While Detroit history buffs may know this building as the former Lincoln Brass Works foundry, Griffin says don't call it "The Foundry." When asked if the building is getting a rename, Griffin is ambivalent for now so we're just going with "2051 Rosa Parks," until further notice.

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2051 Rosa Parks

2051 Rosa Parks Blvd., Detroit, MI 48216