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Discussing Lafayette Park's Dollar General & Toothpaste

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In the sense that Detroit has "posh neighborhoods," Lafayette Park with its famous-architect (Mies Van Der Rohe)-designed coops and towers is one of them. So how do the locals feel about discount store Dollar General that opened in their local strip mall on November 20? We perused the 40 comments on DetroitYES! to find out.

The Good! "I buy Kleenex brand tissues for $1 there instead of $1.89 at Kroger" -Gistok "One of my favorite items to pick up are greeting cards, that often sell for 50 cents, instead of~$1.50 at target or Meijer. Another good money saver is helium party balloons." -48091

The Bad!: "Dollar General is the poor man's Family Dollar. Where I've lived and the two have been available, the Dollar General has always been the more poorly built and maintained of the two, with less aesthetically pleasing architecture (even as dollar stores go), with even cheaper crap than Family Dollar. Honestly, Dollar General is bottom of the barrel, even as chain dollar stores go." -Dexlin

"It would be nice to see some higher end retail in the city, i'm not talking about Tiffany & Co. either, just something better then dollar stores, wig shops, chaldeon party stores and african hair braiding places." - softailrider

The Ugly! "Dollar stores are the new party stores. Sell a bunch of off-brand crap that's not worth a dollar anyways. I can only imagine what they pay for some of that junk." -One Shot

Somehow the conversation veers into a discussion of toothpastes before we can get a real sense on if this store is a case of NIMBY (Not-in-my-backyard) yet. So the jury is out and we're off to get some Kleenex and helium party balloons. Because it's our party and we'll cry if we want to.

· Dollar General Opened in Lafayette Park [DetroitYES!]