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Detroit's Controversial RoboCop Statue... Still Coming!

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Detroiters probably remember the much tweeted about day (March 26, 2011) when the Kickstarter Project to build a statue of RoboCop for the city reached it's funding goal with a whopping $67,436. Much like Toby Barlow's Huff Post article (#DetroitmeetDetroitgate) the issue unleashed a fury of online opinions. Man about town, founder of Doggy Style , and winner of the Hatch competition, Joe Posch slammed the project in the Free Press, saying, "it would serve as a constant reminder that Detroit held the distinction of being the most believable dystopia in the country." Others objected that this all started with a tweet from the Mayor (@mayordavebing) that was JOKE. But plenty put up the cash, had a laugh, and got excited to see this happen.

Earlier this morning, Curbed consulted the folks behind Detroit Needs RoboCop for answers, and found that the project is moving along unhindered by public opinion. According to Brandon Walley, they have been waiting on MGM, the license holder for RoboCop, to send along the official model. When that is done, the styrofoam piece will be crated and shipped from California so that local outlet Venus Bronze Works can turn it into brass. "We're in the middle of a marathon right now," says Walley, "we’re hoping it will be installed sometime during the summer next year." The last piece of the puzzle left to solve is location. The group has yet to arrange a final Robo home so as of right now, any place is fair game. We're betting on another mini social media storm for that announcement. (And we can't wait!)

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