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Downtown's Sloppiest Building Makes Bigger Mess

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The Wurlitzer building just can't seem to get it together and we're beginning to wonder what's between those bricks anyway. We've seen gingerbread houses hold it together better, but this building sheds bricks like the clouds shed rain in the this last week of local November monsoonery. According to the Freep, the building lost a whole section of the tenth floor on Sunday night. It's owners (Wayne County Circuit Judge Daphne Mean Curtis and her husband Paul Curtis) have already been to court multiple times and started clean up efforts in the basement. James Petrone, a Quicken employee in peril from falling bricks, stated that the block he lives on is still "the best little block in the city." Man, downtowners are dedicated. Between this, the Occupy campers and LAX, we'd like to award them the local sticking-it-out prize. (It's a hard hat and ear plugs!)

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