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Comment of the Day

All four of these seem to be nice enough homes. But of all four of the listings, not ONE of them includes more than one single photo of the exterior of the houses. And three of the four have been on the market for many months. Seems to me it's called BAD MARKETING. As a frequent reader of real estate ads, a complete lack of photos in a listing says to me, loudly and clearly, "The place is a us: You do NOT want to see the inside!" And the ranch home appears to be brand new---if there isn't ONE interior feature they could visually showcase, one would presume that the place has GOT to be a mess. I mean, even the least creative of realtors could focus on a piece of crown molding or perhaps a pretty door, or something! Pretending that a home doesn't have an interior is clearly NOT a successful marketing tool. Are you listening, Detroit realtors? [Ed Note: WORD!] -Frank Lloyd Wrong [Suggestions for Spending A Detroit Tigers Post-Season Bonus]