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Suggestions for Spending A Detroit Tigers Post-Season Bonus

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This morning via Crain's, we learned that each baseball player on the Detroit Tigers team is getting a bonus for the post-season worth $126,901.50. And while booze, girls and cars would be a fun way to blow that cash, didn't dad always say that real estate was a better investment? Here now, four homes that you can buy with a Tiger bonus within the city of Detroit. At the top left, you can spend $125,900 for a four-bedroom brick colonial. Want pretty much the same thing but a bit greener? The top right claims to be a LEED certified four-bedroom colonial for $125,000. Or, for the same price take the colonial on the bottom right. All about the ranch home? The bottom left is also an even $125,000.

· Each Tiger to get $126,901.50 for post-season performance [Crain's]
· 5855 Oakman Blvd [Real Estate One]
· 1187 Edison St. [Great Michigan Houses]
· 2671 Hunt, Detroit [Real Estate One]
· 15050 Glastonbury Ave [Century 21]