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Whopper Loft Available: A Caution on Filling the Square Feet

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This 6,000 square foot loft offers 14 foot ceilings and two interior parking spaces (it is unclear from the wording if they are within the gigantic loft but let's assume not.) That is a lot of space to fill! Fans of the classic Tom Hank's movie Big, might consider throwing in a full sized trampoline for a good time. But fans of furniture might want to beware this cautionary tale from Curbed New York. It would seem that in that city, someone took a 6,000 square foot space and turned it into the most overfurnished apartment in the Upper East Side neighborhood of Manhattan.

As if the visuals alone are not horrifying enough: for a 6,000 square foot space in which to hoard knick knacks galore, a New Yorker must pay $10,200,000. At an asking price of $250,000, this Detroit listing is a reason for any local to feel smug and superior to any buyer in the Big Apple.

· 1535 6th St. [O'Connor Realty]
· The Most Overfurnished Apartment on the UES Can Be Yours! [Curbed NY]