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Coming Attractions: Newberry Hall Looking Almost Ready

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The 28 apartments in historic Newberry Hall, a former home for nurses built in 1898, are looking close to renovated and ready to rent. An article in Hour Magazine last year promised they would go for $1.30 a square foot, which means 800 square feet is $1,040/month. However, as the sign on the corner says Available in late 2010, we are wondering if that figure needs to be updated. The building stands across from the DMC, poised to offer medical staff the perfect commute, with a side of history. Originally constructed as housing for Grace Hospital, the building was designed by Elijah E. Myers, who also built the capitol building in Lansing, as well as state capitols in Colorado and Texas. These photos were taken last Saturday and show that details like leaded glass windows were preserved. · Through renovation and preservation, the former Helen Newberry Nurses' Home in Midtown is on the road to recovery [Hour Detroit]

Newberry Hall

100 East Willis , Detroit, MI