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Welcome to Curbed's First-Ever Renters Week

Freaked out by the foreclosed homes auction? Apathetic about budget-priced mansions for sale in Indian Village? Way more interested in all things concerning roommates, landlords, and waiting lists? Well this week is for you all across the Curbediverse! Renters Week 2011 (our first) is here to attend to all things rental. If you haven't already, get yourself submitted to win free rent in our Horror Stories contest for later in the week. Want to feel better about whatever amount you happen to be shelling out? Be sure to check in with Curbed NY and Curbed LA for the sort of sticker shock stories that will make you feel smug and superior. Know something we don't about the secrets of the Detroit rental world? Tip us off!

· Got a Renter Horror Story? Curbed Could Pay Your Rent! [Curbed Detroit]