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Detroit Rentals on AirBNB: One Big, Beautiful Loft

Photos courtesy of AirBNB


, the site for fully furnished vacation rentals, is a way often-out-of-town locals can make some extra cash while away. Listings may or may not offer roommates, so you'll want to read the descriptions and feedback carefully. The best part for perusing? In general, the photos of the homes rock, which make it much less maddening to flip through than certain dark, oddly-colored and blurry real estate photos. (Agents take note! These rentals know wassup!) Here now, is a listing we would have no reservations about booking! Bertram's lovely Eastern Market Loft goes for $99 a night for 1200 square feet with a Queen-sized bed in the bedroom and an additional bunk bed. · Bertram's Loft space in Eastern Market [AirBNB]