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It was A Broderick Tower Preview Kind of Weekend

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On Saturday, 500 people (one Curbed Detroit reporter included) made the trip to downtown Detroit and up one janky construction elevator to see the still very much under-construction Broderick Tower Apartments. Wearing hard hats, they were given a preview of the views that the Broderick's apartments (on floors five through 34) will offer, but not a taste of the interiors; the building does not open until next September. With interior framing in place, it became clear that not all views are created equal; on the lower levels the northeast-facing views of Comerica Park certainly beat the southeast facing views of the dilapidated Wurlitzer Building. However, the game changes a bit at the penthouse level where you can see for miles in both directions along Woodward Ave and to the southeast. According the the price list at the tour, the penthouses which rent for $5,000 per month on floors 33 and 34 are already taken. The cheapest apartment listed was a 317-square foot studio on the Sixth floor for $650/month.

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Broderick Tower

10 Witherell St., Detroit, MI 48226