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Detroit's Trendiest Hood Gets Theater to Go Along With an Already Overwhelming List of Other New Stuff

Interesting news arrived this morning from the Free Press in an article about the Corktown Cinema moving into a 100,000-square-foot complex at 2051 Rosa Parks Blvd. [Full disclosure: as also mentioned in the article, Curbed Detroit will also take an office in this gargantuan building] The article states that one of the building owners (the other, Angel Gambino, is not mentioned) Scott Griffin, is going to rehab all of Corktown! Says the Free Press: Scott's "New York City development company, Ramscale Inc., hopes to rehab the old Michigan Central Station and the neighborhood surrounding it." Griffin confirms that developing the entire neighborhood is not in his plans. Curbed Detroit confirms by visiting the hood that there is plenty going on already and that the Freep need not put this pressure on one person. Corktown businesses that have opened in the last year include Astro Coffee, The Sugar House bar, and True Body Fitness. As previously mentioned, Phil Cooley and Toby Barlow (with three others) have bought the pawn shop on Michigan Avenue in order to open a restaurant. And! Slows is going to expand into the old O'Connor Realty office. And! Someone under thirty years old is running a baller hostel in the hood. So with the addition of the theater, it is looking like Corktown can put that feather in its cap now.

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2051 Rosa Parks

2051 Rosa Parks Blvd., Detroit, MI 48216