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Light Rail Dead But Not Forgotten, Maybe Back But Shorter

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Light Rail may have been proclaimed dead in Detroit two days ago, but it is not going quietly. Said local Real Estate mogul Dan Gilbert the news was "disappointing, and I don't think it serves the interests of Detroit." As all kids at Christmas time know, when Mom says "no" you go ask Dad and see if he'll say "yes." With Bing certainly not sticking to our list of requested gifts for the city, we're wondering if local private investors are willing to play nice. According to Crain's Dad Gilbert will keep pushing for a line that goes from New Center to downtown, leaving Eight Mile out there hanging. Given who his powerful cash-holding contacts are, this could get quite interesting. He's calling on Penske Corp. founder Roger Penske, the Kresge Foundation President and CEO Richard Rapson, the owner of the Red Wings, Detroit Tigers and Little Caesars Pizza Mike Ilitch; and Compuware founder Pete Karmanos.

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