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An Early 20th Century Mini Mansion Debuts to Market

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This home was listed just this week with a very ambitious goal! (Too early for New Years resolutions?) It is hoping to sell for a whopping $890,000! Pretty pricey, even for Grosse Pointe Farms. So what has it got going on that will cost you so much? At 6,806 square feet with six bedrooms and five bathrooms it is quite spacious. Built in 1905, the home has some amazing details like 9 1/2 foot ceilings, fireplaces, and a marble foyer. So nothing to sneeze at, but all the same, the entire Grosse Pointe region bores us as bit in terms of the bar/restaurant scene. We'd take an Indian Village six-bedroomer closer to the Detroit Yacht Club and the promising-to-come-back next summer Tashmoo Beirgarten over this big guy any day. Last time we picked up a Village mansion we found 9,600 square feet for under $500 K. · 43 Mckinley Pl, Grosse Point Farms [Zillow]