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Newberry Hall Shows Off Finished Apartments, Hosts Party

Parties! We love them! Invite us to yours!

Last night was our first trip inside the newly renovated Newberry Hall apartments located right across from the Detroit Medical Center. (Which is to say, the ideal place for medical residents to reside.) The open house was well attended by employees of Zachary and Associates, and Midtown Detroit, Inc. with notable leader Sue Mosey in attendance. We drank, we snacked, we ran through almost all the apartments from the basement to the third floor. Our hangover thoughts are as follows:

The best: The lobby gets everything right with its rich wood paneling, fireplace, wood floor (with reclaimed materials from a Hamtramck home) and leaded glass windows.

The worst: All the apartments come with bland carpet in all the main spaces save for the bathrooms and kitchens.

Why you should rent: All the apartments get great light and there are layouts to accommodate everyone from studios to two-level apartments on the third floor with a bedroom on the fourth floor.

Location weak points: The area could use a few more trees. Many views are dominated by the DMC, which is great in terms of creating activity on the street, but not in term of something to gaze upon. Fourth floor spaces have the decent views to downtown.

Location strong points: Walk to the Majestic, Union Street, and (in 2013) the new Whole Foods store.

Results: Decent opening party, decent apartments. We look forward to progressive parties hosted by doctors once people start moving in in January.

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Newberry Hall

100 East Willis , Detroit, MI