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Interior Revealed! Mercury Burger Bar Getting Close to An Opening Date, Will Serve Breakfast Too!

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We've taken you to the scene of Corktown's upcoming Mercury Burger Bar before, but today was the first day that owners David Steinke and Dennis Fulton allowed us to nab some photos of the totally new interior. The last business in this slot right near the train station was the Mercury Coffee shop and former patrons of that short-lived business may remember that awesome staircase, which now leads to a beer drinking room downstairs (they're calling it Corktown Cellars). Steinke is saying there will be 16 beers on tap and the executive chef Jake Abraham was also on hand to show off a version of the menu which will offer a full breakfast in addition to (duh!) burgers. You may know Abraham from Tallulah Wine Bar and Bistro in downtown Birmingham. There's no official date yet but the place looks darn close to done, minus some tables. They're saying an opening is just weeks away. · Corktown Can't Stop! More Development to Come [Curbed Detroit]
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