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Innovative Wall Treatments Sure to Spice Up Boring Interiors

Photos: Leigh Davis and Zechariah Vincent/NYMag

Jon Sherman, founder and head designer of the wallpaper firm Flavor Paper, packed up and moved himself and his business to the commercial hinterlands of Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, he must have known the new place would have to make a splash. The new industrial-looking building, designed by Jeff Kovel of Skylab Architecture, is kitted out on the interior with some of Flavor Paper's most striking designs. The roof garden is bordered by bright purple paneling, the master bedroom of Sherman's personal penthouse is done up in faux fur, and the skylit living room features a deeply textured modern fireplace. Quite a showplace for Flavor Paper's products, enough to keep clients like Lenny Kravitz and Frank Gehry coming across the river.

Photos: Payton Turner

? For sheer craziness, there's not much that can top this seemingly-innocuous patterned wall treatment. Produced by Brooklyn-based artist Payton Turner, the design is, in fact, artfully-arranged stickers featuring everything from birthday cakes to butterflies to dollar bills. Perfect for a kid's bedroom, so long as there's time to carefully apply thousands of tiny stickers in a designated pattern.

? Some big-name interior designers have been going out on a limb with the patterned walls. Martyn Lawrence Bullard used monochrome squiggles on the walls and ceiling of the Veranda Concept House. Bullard said he wanted to give the media room a "Studio 54-Halston vibe." We're thinking it might give the occupant a headache instead.

? Elle Decor's archives offer up some interesting alternatives to the usual paint and wallpaper. This formal dining room has a series of vases on the sideboard, but they're accented by unusual wall decals depicting vases. None too surprisingly, this is the dining room of formal-meets-subversion fashion designer Donatella Versace.

? In an equally playful alternative to a thousand tiny stickers, the entrance hall of a family's Manhattan roost was done over with the lyrics to the Rolling Stones classic "Loving Cup." The multi-colored felt letters were the brainchild of Muriel Brandolini, who, by the way, just opened her own Manhattan apartment to the New York Social Diary.

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