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Local Doctor Can't Stop Collecting Churchill Memorabilia

The Winter 2011 Issue of Detroit Home takes us on a tour of a curious collection in a West Bloomfield Township house. Dr. Milton Mutchnick went great-wartime-leader when it came to decor and decked his halls with memorabilia collected for over 60 years in honor of Winston Churchill, the British Prime Minister. The chief of gastroenterology at Wayne State University’s School of Medicine can't even display the entirety of it because his wife, Janet, has capped it's real estate (he gets a room and the hallway.) But he's not at a stopping point yet.

When asked what Holy Grail object would complete his assemblage, Mutchnick doesn’t hesitate. “A painting by Churchill,” he says. “I’d kill for one. They come up occasionally, but they cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.”
· In Residence: Winston Churchill Memorabilia [Detroit Home]