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The Results Are In For Round One Curbed Cup Brackets

The Curbed Cup is our annual award for neighborhood of the year. On Monday we kicked off with with 8 'hoods vying for the prestigious fake trophy. Today the results are in and 4 will move on to Round Two next week.

Thanks to everyone who voted, we have confirmed that Royal Oak is the biggest loser! At least when it came to Round One Curbed Cup voting. RO got its ass handed to it by the Number 2 seed, Downtown Detroit, which claimed 83 percent of the vote. In a close one, (4) Hamtramck managed to take out (5) The Villages with 53% of the vote and (6) Lafayette Park eliminated (3) Midtown with 59% of the vote. But the biggest upset was the suburb that trounced our Number 1 seed. People, do not Eff with Ferndale! With 59% of the vote it moves on to Round Two leaving Corktown behind. At least they'll soon have 16 beers on tap at the Mercury Burger Bar for drowning these sorrows.

And with that, Curbed Detroit is done for the week. Happy Holidays and rest up for Round Two voting which will kick off next Tuesday! Cheers to the winners!

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