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Curbed Awards '11: Detroit's Best Numbers From A Year in Ranking Just About Everything

Intern Daniel contributed to this post and we thank him!

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. But eff it. This is another short week and we're in a good end-of-year mood so this post is about the good stuff only. 2010 may have been the year that we were 14th most fun, but 2011 gave America many more scores when it came to counting on our general excellence as a city. Here are some highlights from Detroit's year in rankings:

January: Affordable? You betcha! Forbes named Detroit #3 in its list of most affordable cities. Watch your back Omaha. We'll be back for that #1 spot.

February: Pittsburgh was the most liveable American city according to the research unit of Economist Magazine. Detroit took the #7 spot. Just ahead of Boston but apparently one step behind Miami.

March: Detroit made Travel and Leisure's list of the world's most under-rated cities as a rad urban underdog to visit.

August: said Metro Detroit was the fastest-growing job market in the U.S. beating out Minneapolis, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Orlando in year-over-year job growth.

September: By now, with the news that everything was cheap and excellent to visit, Detroit was pretty happy. So says CareerBliss which put our fair city as #6 in the list of 20 Happiest Cities for Young Professionals.

October: "It's more than just championships," according to the Sporting News List of Best Sports Cities. We're #11. Thanks, Tigers! Lions: top ten next year? Don't eff up!