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Finding Listing Info Online that Tenants Don't Know About

We are no longer surprised to find listings without interior photos but this one might be about to create an awkward situation. It says, "please do not discuss sale with tenants," and was listed just this week for $39,900. Did they really not tell them the building was for sale yet? It would seem the owners don't know about real estate blogs yet. The good news for a buyer? You may already have renters! The house has two apartments with two bedrooms each and is described as in "excellent condition with many updates since 2010." And sure, it is in the hood that just lost out on the Curbed Cup, but don't feel too sorry for Hamtramck yet! At noon today, we confirmed that Ferndale will stomp anything in its path on the way to be Detroit hood of 2011. But affordability and those second-level porches are a nice consolation prize.

· 9512 Charest St Hamtramck, MI 48212 [Michigan Homes]