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Detroit Brooklynifies & Ferndale Loves Corktownification

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Is Detroit the new Brooklyn? Who started that anyway? And is that guy eating a taco above homeless or a hipster? A frank discussion of all this (ok not that third one, any guesses?) awaits you in a new post from Eat It Detroit, our food blogger friend. With a nod to neighborhood matchups, our fearless blogger also wonders if Ferndale sees Corktown and tries to raise it one, when it comes to opening a new business. Our favorite three gems from this exploration of the year that was?

And if we're being really real here, if Corktown is Detroit's Brooklyn the rest of Detroit is not Manhattan, it's the Bronx.
[Ed note: We think this is true be we are afraid of the Bronx and refuse to fact check.]

because when WE say "Detroit," we mean metro Detroit and so should you THE END ...
[Ed note: Can't be good for huffing posts, but would not that make the world a more peaceful place? BIRMINGHAM STOPPED SUCKING SO HARD.[Ed note: We're afraid of Birmingham so we refuse to fact check. But we believe things in ALL CAPS.] · [HOT LIST] FOOD! DETROIT! THE BEST YEAR EVER! [2011 edition] [Eat It Detroit]