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Curbed Awards '11: Detroit's Worst Scores In A Year of Ranking Just About Everything

Intern Daniel contributed to this post and we thank him!

Yesterday we brought you a list of things to cheer about in Detroit. But. Let's face it. Some shit did not go as planned this year **cough**light-rail**cough. And while we still can't be too down on the D, some publications disagree and placed Detroit on the shitlist of various categories of stuff. Some of criticism is legit and some of these contests WE DID NOT WANT TO WIN ANYWAY!

January: Detroit started the year off with a bang (gunshot?) as the angriest city in America. We even beat Baltimore, the city that gave us The Wire. Our Spin? Pansies need not apply for residency!

February: Detroit Made the Forbes List of 20 Most Miserable Cities (#15), but at least our state did not have eight cities on there like California. And quite frankly, who is excited to be in Michigan in February? California must have really sucked it up!

July: In a list of the 40 worst dressed cities, Detroit was #31. Says GQ Magazine, "It's not the poor and unfortunate that are the prime offenders in the D. No, it's the moneyed that singe our eyes and steal our souls." Unfortunately they are right.

September: LivingSocial, the coupon company, called Detroit the 'worst' U.S. city for dining out. We're pretty sure the worst place to eat out is one of those rest stop towns that makes you pick between Applebees and Pizza Hut. How did this happen? It was based on a survey asking people to stack up Detroit against places like New York, Chicago and San Francisco.

October: Forbes, the publication that also gave Detroit cred for being affordable, turned around and called it most dangerous. Of note! That ranking is technically for "Detroit-Livonia-Dearborn" which should kill some suburban superiority complexes.

October: The crime ranking may not help you sleep at night, but when the list of "Most Sleep-deprived-cities" comes from the mattress company Sleepy's, we can all smell the sales pitch. Detroit came in #1, behind the City that Never Sleeps, which is total bullshizzzzzzzzz.

October: The Daily Beast said Detroit was the 18th brokest city. Whaaaat? Not first or second? That is practically a win. Feel superior that your personal debt is likely around $25,073 instead of $27,928 like the folks in Columbus, GA.

November: Pass the prozac. Men's Health Magazine put Detroit on it's list of saddest cities aka frown towns. We're with Gawker on this one.